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This single player level was created for Half-Life 2 (episode 2).


The player starts out facing a storage room door that is locked by a scripted button combination lock. Their HEV suit is visible through a small window in the door but they must progress through the level to meet up with their robot companion Dog who provides clues to the door's key code through an animated scripted event.

While adventuring through the level, they encounter their female co-op partner Shae who helps them fight through zombies and head crabs. The player finds a elevator with no power and 3 generators that require batteries.

After backtracking through the level, unlocking the storage room door, and acquiring the suit, the player accidentally gets locked in the suit room and must find a way out through the dark ceiling ventilation shaft which is infested by legless zombies.

The undead combat thickens as the player searches through a sewer for one of the generator's batteries. They come face to face with zombie chargers and venomous spider infested zombie. Luckily their suit automatically injects them with anti-toxin if they get bitten and stay alive long enough. While carrying a battery back to the generator, the player runs into enemy government soldiers who are determined to stop the player from reaching their destination.

The final battery is defended by a water level puzzle and flying security bots that alert enemy troops if they are not killed in time. After restoring power to the elevator, the player dashes through an large wave of Soldiers who are equipped with Sub-Machine Guns and Stun Batons to get to the elevator escape. To add to the Chaos, a wave of head crabs spawns that attack both the player and the enemy troops.

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